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Portable Sound Recorders

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  • Solid State Sound 3-Year Extended Guarantee
  • Olympus LS-P4
  • Zoom F1-LP
  • Marantz PMD706
  • Zoom F1-SP
  • SSS Stick Mic Recorders


Zoom H5 Portable Recorder, small
Zoom H5 249

Marantz PMD-661MK3 Portable Recorder, small

Marantz PMD661MK3 with FREE RC600 Remote Control 379


Olympus LS-P4 179

Tascam DR-701D Portable DSLR Audio Recorder, small
Tascam DR-701D 449

Tascam DR-100MK3 Portable Audio Recorder, small
Tascam DR-100 Mk3 339



Zoom Q8 349

Zoom H4n Pro Portable Recorder, small

Zoom H4n Pro 179

Zoom F4 Portable Field Recorder, small
Zoom F4 499

Solid State Sound SMR-8004 Stick Mic Recorder, small
SSS SMR-8004 279

Superscope PSD450MKII 799

Zoom F8 Portable Field Recorder, small
Zoom F8 699

Zoom H6 Portable Recorder, small
Zoom H6 349

Tascam SS-R250N Network SD/USB Recorder 699

Tascam DA-3000 Studio Mastering Sound Recorder, small
Tascam DA-3000 Mastering Recorder & AD/DA Converter 999

Denon DN-300Z Multimedia Player, small
Denon DN-300Z Multi-Media Player 329

Denon DN-300C Pro CD/USB Player, small
Denon DN-300C Pro CD/USB Player 199

Denon DN-300MP Pro Media Player with Amplifier, small

Denon DN-350MP Media Player with Amplifier 249

Denon DN-300RMKII SD Card & USB Recorder 199

Tascam SS-CDR250N Network CD/SD/USB Recorder 899

Idal MicroPlayer Programmable Digital Media Player, small

Idal Micro Card Player 349

Denon DN-300CR Pro CD Recorder 329

Tascam CD-500 Compact Broadcast CD Player, small
Tascam CD-500 Compact Broadcast CD Player 469

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