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Compact dictaphone-style Solid State Recorder

Here's a really compact portable digital recorder that's about the size of an office 'dictaphone' and will just slip into a shirt pocket, it's so light and slim. But - make no mistake - unlike an office recorder, Tascam's DR-08 delivers serious audio quality from its miniature frame. It captures audiophile-grade 96kHz/24-bit WAV files as well as web-friendly MP3 files - to its robust MicroSD media. The built-in microphones have a unique mechanism to change the width and angle of the elements, allowing you to tailor the pattern for the perfect recording. There's even a built-in kickstand for placing the recorder right where you want it. A pair of AAA batteries allows you to record for hours to the included 2GB card, then transfer the recording to your computer using high-speed USB 2.0.

Like TASCAM's other best-selling portable recorders, the DR-08 has features like auto level control and a low cut filter for clear recordings. Add your own microphone or line-level source using the 3.5mm stereo mini-jack input. The DR-08 has loop and variable speed on playback, allowing you to slow down speed without changing the pitch to learn new music. There's also noise cancelling and EQ functions for improved playback timbre.

TASCAM's DR-08 is Tascam's most portable recorder yet. Whether you're a songwriter, live performer, business leader or sound designer, you won't want to step through your front door without the great-sounding little TASCAM DR-08.


  • Portable, high-quality handheld recording

  • Small size and easy operation

  • Uses a micro SD/SDHC card as recording medium (2 GB included)

  • Supported audio formats:

    • Linear PCM (WAV format) at 16-bit/44.1 kHz (CD quality) or 24-bit/44.1 kHz

    • Linear PCM (WAV format), 24-bit/48 kHz

    • Linear PCM (WAV format), 24-bit/96 kHz

    • Compressed (MP3 format): 32320 kbit/s (VBR files can be played but not recorded)

  • Two built-in high-quality cardioid microphones with variable angle mechanism for different applications:

    • Folded out: Standard setting for music or field recording

    • Folded out and rotated: Put the unit on a desktop to record a meeting or conversation

    • XY setting allows mono compatible recordings and high sound localization acuity (lively interviews or field recordings with ambience)

  • Switchable filter to minimize unwanted low-frequency noise

  • Manual recording level setting for music and field recording

  • Automatic recording level setting (auto gain control) for minutes and interview recording

  • Automatic recording allows the unit to start and stop recording automatically by input level

  • Timer recording function (recording starts at a pre-set time)

  • Pre-recording buffer (2 seconds) allows a recording to start before the record key is pressed

  • Stereo mic/line input with plug-in power to connect an external source or microphone

  • EQ allows tone control during recording

  • Variable speed audition to change the playback tempo without affecting the key (50200 %)

  • Repeat function (repeat one track ore all tracks)

  • Loop function (repeat a marked section)

  • Playlist feature to play files in a certain order

  • Flash back function to instantly review playback

  • Noise cancel function

  • EQ allows tone control during playback

  • Built-in loudspeaker

  • Headphones/Line output

  • File divide function to cut unwanted noise or to extract parts from long recordings (WAV format only)

  • Folder management to organize your files

  • Clear, backlit LC display

  • USB 2.0 connection for quick and easy file transfer to/from computer

  • Power supply by USB or two AAA size Alkaline or NiMH batteries

  • Built-in folding stand for desktop recording

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