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Often when the subject of recording telephone calls is mentioned it is assumed - usually incorrectly - that some sort of covert activity is involved. Of course, this can be the case, especially in the 'free and open' society in which we now all live (No comment - Ed). But there are lots of perfectly innocent reasons to record phone calls in the day-to-day course of business (for instance: interviews, oral history, research, etc. ). Generally speaking these kinds of telephone recordings are fine and there's nothing to worry about. But if you really need to be sure of the legalities we've provided you with one of those long and boring instructive documents about the whole subject here.

So what kit is available to record phone calls on your solid state sound recorder? Well, we've looked into what's available and tested various devices to see how effective they are. As a result of this, we have selected four excellent devices from Retell, the market leader in telephone recording equipment. The right one for you will depend on the following questions:

  • What type of phone do you wish to record from?
    (i.e. Is it a stand-alone private phone? Or a digital phone extension on a modern office system?)

  • Do you need the facility to replay recordings back to the remote party?

  • Do you need your recordings to be of broadcast quality?

With these questions in mind we offer four choices of telephone recording device below, one of which will be right for you...






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Each including Vat



SSS RTL-145 - For occasional home and home office use with a standard domestic analogue telephone line, plugs into the wall socket and will record from all extensions, whichever wall socket it is plugged into - IN STOCK


SSS RTL-156 - For occasional home and home office use with a standard domestic analogue telephone line, plugs into the phone's handset socket, then the handset is plugged into the 156 to conduct the call. As well as recording the 156 will allow you to replay recordings back to the caller - IN STOCK



SSS RTL-160 - For the occasional recording of mobile phone calls and/or where it is not possible to plug anything into the phone (e.g. payphones or cordless phones). A special microphone fits in your ear and you then hold your mobile gently over the mic in your ear. You will still able to hear the caller as the special mic picks up the call - TO SPECIAL ORDER ONLY (NORMALLY TAKES 3-5 DAYS FROM RECEIPT OF ORDER)



SSS RTL-650 - For professional use the RTL-650 offers the best audio quality of any method of connecting to the telephone in the world and is used in professional broadcasts. Provides superior balance between recorded parties and excellent sound quality. The 650 sits between your handset/headset and the telephone. Can be used with analogue home, home/office and digital office phone systems - IN STOCK
























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